Junior Cert Goodie Bag

Junior Cert Goodie Bag ebook - A big stack of worksheets!

My "Goodie Bag" for Junior Cert. is a collection of worksheets for music teachers' and students' everyday use. This comprehensive collection of worksheets comes with answers for easy corrections! 


This "Goodie Bag" was designed with the Junior Cert. in mind but all of the contents can be used as exercised in line with the new Junior Cycle.


The Junior Cert Goodie Bag includes:

  • Listening and observation (can be used for choice songs and works)
  • Irish Music
  • Introduction to Dictation
  • Triad Questions
  • Melody Writing
  • Backing Chords

This goodie bag does not come with downloadable music but all listening questions are based on common, everyday-used pieces of music - as seen in the contents.


While designed with teachers in mind, this goodie bag is also a helpful tool for individual students as the worksheets in the goodie bag come with answers (with the exception of melody writing). Perfect for revising or brushing up on a topic.

Junior Cert Goodie Bag

  • Format: PDF

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