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Correspondence Courses

How do they work?

Correspondence courses are made up of a number of topics (one-per-week). A lesson, including explainations and examples, is sent to the student by email along with worksheets and an assignment to complete. The student returns their assignment by email or post and it is returned corrected and with feedback and recommendations.

Students my email or call me with any questions or difficulties and I can make myself available to chat online.

Corrected assignments are returned by email. Students may opt to cover two topics in one week. Corrected assignments will be returned within seven days (usually within three!)

Personalised correspondence courses - from €69

A course is designed to meet the need of the individual student. Students indicate which area(s) of the course they would like to work on and I design a minimum six-step course to meet their needs.

Leaving Cert Harmony - €59
This is a six-topic course taking the student step-by-step through from the basics of chords and cadences up to approaching a sixteen-bar backing-chord exercises in a major or minor key.

Topics include: chords, cadences, fitting backing-chords to a melody (including how to deal with syncopation, suspension and rests), bass notes & bass lines, inversions, minor backing-chord exercises.

The student will be sent a lesson, worksheet(s)* and assignment each week.

book online Shiny option: Students who sign-up for a correspondence course can purchase my book Virtuoso: Leaving Cert Music for a discounted price of €18.95 plus free p&p- a total saving of €4.65!

*The number of worksheets sent per weekdepends on the topic.