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How do you study for Q.6, the Aural question? Don't panic, it's very possible to study for this question. Working on your aural skills automatically helps you with Q.1 to 4 - the set works - which is a nice added bonus. To study for Q.6 you should complete as many listening questions as possible. And do them in pencil so that when you run out of questions you can go back, rub out your answers and do them all over again! To be really prepared for the Aural question you should follow the guidelines below:

Read the question and be smart

The most commonly made mistake every year is not reading the question properly and giving an irrelevant answer. Don't be a fool! On the other hand, sometimes it can be hard to know what a question is looking for, even if you have read it properly, or you know what the question is looking for but don't know where to start. Be smart - have a technique. Read the question and respond - write notes in the margin, mark the score where you have to listen for something. For handy tips and techniques click on the link above.

Know your instruments

Knowledge of the instruments of the orchestra is essential for Leaving Cert. Music. It's the question that scares some people the most: What instrument is playing the melody? How do you tell the oboe and clarinet apart? What's a transposing instrument? Don't panic, click the link.