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Triads and Chords

On the Junior Cert Music paper there is one question on triads (higher and ordinary level) and one question on chords (higher level only).

A chord is two or more notes played at the same time. A triad is a chord made up of three notes - root, third and fifth. For example a triad of C is made up of the notes C, E and G. For more on triads, including how to tell if a triad is major and minor, see my FREE Basic Music Theory notes.

For Q6 you will be asked to

  • name three notes on the stave,
  • name the triad they make together (including whether it is major or minor),
  • identify the same triad on the bass stave, and
  • note another bar where the same triad would fit the melody

For Q8 you have three choices:

  • Melody and Bass notes for Keyboard, or
  • Chords for SATB Choir, or
  • Backing Chords