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Set and Choice Songs

There are eight categories of Songs on the Junior Cert Music course, they're all listed below. Some of them have very long titles and have been shortened to fit here.

Irish Folk Songs Popular Songs, Negro Spirituals...
Folk Songs from Other Countries Church Music and Carols
Art Songs Songs from Operas, Operettas..
Historical and Modern Ballads Songs with Descants, Ostinati...

Students must learn about one set and one choice song from each category. For each song students should learn

  • the title,
  • the composer,
  • the form,
  • be able to define the type of song it is,
  • note any important features of that type of song that are in your set or choice song.

The set songs for 2018 are:

  • Irish Folk Songs - An Mhaighdean Mhara
  • Folk Songs from Other Countries - Kalinka
  • Popular Songs, Negro Spirituals... - The 59th Street Bridge Song
  • Church Music and Carols - The Wexford Carol
  • Songs from Operas, Operettas.. - Spring from "Ottone"
  • Art Songs - The Little Sandman
  • Historical and Modern Ballads - Streets of Laredo
  • Songs with Descants, Ostinati... - Summer is Icumen In