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What is Glee Club?
Many of you will know what a Glee Club is having watched the TV show but for those of you who aren't sure, a Glee Club comes together to perform popular songs and songs from musicals. In Glee Club, weekly exercises and activities include singing, dancing and drama. Over a term or year participants learn several songs along with choreography which they perform at an end-of-term show. Glee Club is good for building self-confidence, developing performance skills and a stage persona, coordination, learning to sing properly and learning to sing in harmony with a group.

Glee Club Workshops for Adults
Click for more infomation about Glee Workshops for Adults.
Wicklow Glee Club
Wicklow Glee Club is currently on hiatus.
Glee Club in your School
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Summer Camps
There will be no summer camps in 2014 as I must work on writing new books! Click to see photos of previous summer camps.