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Dara Black is an experienced and innovative music teacher working in Wicklow and Dublin. As well as being a source of infomation on Dara's work and publications, this website aims to be helpful to Leaving and Junior Cert. music students and teachers, students learning an instrument and their parents.

During school terms Dara teaches Leaving Cert. and Junior Cert. Music, Piano, Recorder andMusic Theory. She also facilitates Song and Writing workshops in schools and clubs. Dara has published one book - Virtuoso: Leaving Cert. Music - and produced revision notes for Junior Cert. music and a Junior Cert. Music "Goodie Bag". Correspondence courses and a corrections service are available through this website.

Dara's news and current projects

NEW! My new Junior Cert Music Goodie Bag is now available! Worksheets! So many worksheets (and their answers)! A must-have resource for teachers and students.
Click for my fantastic Junior Cert Music Notes and my amazing Leaving Cert Music 2-in-1 text and revision book, "Virtuoso".